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About Benjam

Welcome to my little website, I'm very grateful you dropped by, I hope you find something here that inspires you.

About me... My name is Benjamin James Brown, I grew up in Surrey in the UK where I spent a lot of time kayaking on the river Thames, I was a professional kayaker racing for Great Britain from the age of 15 to 27. I went to many World Championships and won a couple of them. 

I've been fascinated with photography since the age of 15. Twenty years later I'm more in Love than ever, capturing moments of light still fills me with joy and gratitude for life and the mystery of light, time and the eternal now moment.

2010 was the year I started making films, I found myself on YouTube making daily vlogs, documenting and sharing my lifestyle of travel, photography, creativity, healthy living and BTS of my travel film series called 'Visual Vibes' which represents my best film work. You can find all 1300 vlogs and films on my YouTube channel where I still share some my life and art.

I've been living in Cape Town, South Africa for over 8 years, it feels more like home now than the UK does. I co-founded an incredible tourism company here called Atlantic Outlook, we take thousands of people out kayaking on the ocean with dolphins, whales and penguins, we also do guided hikes on the stunning mountains here, I'm very proud of this company, part of my life mission is encourage people to connect with nature more frequently.

In 2018 I had a motorcycle accident which landed me in hospital where incredible surgeons put my elbow back together with some added metal plates and screws. This forced me to take time off work, which meant I couldn't distract myself from my mental health any longer, I was suffering from depression and anxiety to the point where my whole life crumbled before my eyes, leaving me questioning who I was, why I'm here and what life is all about.


I was swimming deep in my awakening, in my 'dark night of the soul' for many months, having to make huge changes to my life out of survival, many times I contemplated suicide, atheism wasn't doing much for me so I slowly began to open my mind and shed some limiting beliefs. Having lived a life of relative comfort, very little awareness and an inflated ego I was not expecting this chapter of deep suffering to be so critical to my survival and humble awakening. I am especially grateful for this spiritual emergency, and having been on my healing journey for three years now I rarely suffer any anxiety or depression. I've also discovered that my life mission and purpose as an artists is to help guide people into higher states of conscious awareness, and to be a healing presence for anyone who crosses my path. 

The multiple death rebirth cycles I continue to move through have taught me so much about Love, life, death what it means to exist as a human, as a spiritual and a masculine identified being, and of course an artist. Everything is different now, thankfully! 

If you're reading this I want you to know that you are an eternal divine being of light, and you have nothing to fear. Nothing. You are so loved and we need you here on Earth, with all your unique gifts, even if you don't know what they are yet, you are perfect.

Thank you for being part of my journey!

In gratitude, 

Ben 💙

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