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Private & Group Coaching, Spiritual Guidance

⚡️ THE SHIFT Group Coaching Journey ⚡️

The next group coaching journey begins on 14th April 2024
6 weeks every Sunday evening for 2-3 hours on zoom.

'I designed this program to be extremely high value and affordable coaching to support those who are looking to experience more inner peace, to understand themselves on a deeper level, to grow spiritually, remember who they truly are, to make positive changes in their life, create more meaningful connections, find a sense of purpose and joy, which I believe is available to anyone who is seeking it, in this lifetime.' - Ben 

What to expect?
• Educational Workshops;

- The power of the mind, how it works, how to change it.
- Powerful Presence, quieting your mind, tuning into your body and into life.
- Everything is energy, vibration, frequency, light and sound.
- Working with your emotions, understanding them, feeling them, loving them.
- Spiritual guidance, discovering your authentic Self.

• Guided Meditations
• Live Coaching 
• Powerful Group Support 
• Private Telegram Group for extra support + Q&As

Group is limited to 10 people
Investment - £333 
👇🏼 Please fill out the contact form below to apply for the next group journey 👇🏼

One on One Private Coaching
I have coaching programs that can by tailored for individual needs.
A minimum of 3 months together in order to make impactful and lasting change.
Programs are available for 3,6,9 and 12 months.

My style of coaching offers support with:
• Increasing self-confidence, letting go of insecurities.
• Personal transformation, spiritual growth & shadow work. 
• Discovering your authentic self and letting go of people pleasing.
• Harnessing the power of the subconscious mind.
• Connecting to your deep heart, emotional healing.
• Living a more meaningful and purpose driven life.

Fill out the form below, or book an initial call with me here -
If you enrol on a coaching program, the initial call will be free.

Thank you, I'll be in touch soon!
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