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Healing Journey, Coaching & Spiritual Guidance

Many souls on Earth are waking up right now, perhaps you're one of them?

But what does it mean to wake up?
Awakening is a whole process that involves asking some big questions...
Who Am I? What's the meaning of life? Why am I here? Why all this suffering?! WTF is going on?!

To wake up is to remember who we are, why we came here and what our purpose is!
It's super exciting, often frightening and involves cycles of metaphorical 'death and rebirth'.

We are waking up to our true potential, reprogramming our minds, mainly our beliefs, which are the lenses through which we perceive ourselves and reality. When we wake up we are facing the truth of who we are not.

Earth is like a school for souls to come and learn unique and collective lessons, we are souls incarnated here to have a human experience, we are all inherently spiritual, and many of us incarnate into 'non-spiritual' families and societies to learn how it feels to be disconnected from Source (aka God, The Universe, The divine etc).

Often we incarnate into a bloodline or lineage to 'break chains' or end cycles of disconnection to 'course correct' the linage back into alignment with Love and away from the paradigm of fear that has been programmed into the majority of modern society. This is just one aspect of our work here on Earth.

I believe we are all here on Earth to learn, grow, thrive and have a joyful life by remembering who we truly are.
Each of us have unique lessons to learn, karma to burn and gifts to share. We are all meant to be here.

You might be thinking 'But I don't feel like I'm meant to be here, I don't fit in at all, the more I try to live a 'normal life' the more uncomfortable it gets, I'm so tired of pretending!' YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 

Being a human is pretty f*cking wild lets be honest, especially when you begin to realise that 95% of the adults we trust to lead the way are just as lost as anyone else, they're just very good at disguising it! 

Community is a HUGE aspect of this new Earth that is being birthed. It's 'new' but we're actually going 'back' to ancient wisdom, ancient ways of being and traditional relating to each other, to Earth and reality.

Why would we choose a 'spiritual path'? 
Connection. Truth. Healing. Remembrance. Service. LOVE.

At birth we forget who we are. That's the game we signed up for.
We then get deep into the ego story of becoming a somebody so we can fit into society and survive.
Personality traits are approved or rejected by our parents and friends.
We adjust accordingly to keep everyone happy around us, because it's easier that way.

We inherit our language, belief systems and
behaviours just to feel like we're part of a tribe.
The story is not bad. The ego is not bad. The mind is not bad. 

The story however is limited, the ego mind is not a good leader and we are here to expand.

Some stories help us, and some stories limit us. The good news is we get to choose now.
A story is just a story, it's not who we are.
It's ok to forget, 90% of humanity is lost in the ego story, you can forgive yourself.

But this story is not in harmony with the truth of who we are.

Inauthenticity creates friction.
When there's a difference between who we are and who we are being, there's disharmony.

Disharmony creates disease, emotional, mental, physical suffering, our body begins shouting at us to make changes, to have a more loving relationship with ourselves, it gets more and more painful until we finally listen.

The further from truth we wander the more painful it becomes to wear the mask.
The more we ignore what our body is saying to us, the more suffering we create for ourselves.
It's ok to not be ok. The 'not ok' part means you're being invited to come back into harmony, to transform something, to change, to let go of that which is not in alignment. 

This is where I can help, to bring clarity about what is not in alignment and how to go about making those big changes that will transform your life and increase the amount of joy, love and peace you experience.

You are not alone, we are all on this path of evolution, it's why we come here! 
Everything is changing and transforming constantly just like the seasons, we only have to look at mother nature to learn so much about ourselves, yet we are taught to stay the same, to hold on for dear life to the same job, one personality, one belief system, even when it's literally destroying us.

If you're reading this, you know it's time to make those changes.
It's time to follow that calling from deep within, and be who you came here to be.
To remember that fear is an illusion.

To remember that you are infinite.
To remember your purpose and mission on Earth.
To remember that this life can be a wonderful adventure full of joy and LOVE.
To remember that you deserve all that your heart desires, and that anything is possible.

One of my missions here on Earth is to help guide other Souls back home to their hearts
The Process of awakening can be quite the adventure, and in my experience it's made much more easy and fun when you have someone to help guide you along the way. 
I am a bridge, helping people remember how to get from the fear based 3rd dimensional survival emotions up to the 5th dimension of Heaven On Earth, where we live in compassion and love, what some call New Earth.
This is of course a vibrational experience you carry with you, not an actual physical destination! 

You are not broken and you do not need fixing.
The journey is about revealing who you have always been; pure consciousness, light, love, Soul, perfection.

In terms of 'healing' sometimes we have to work with repressed emotional blockages, which I can help you move through and alchemise. All healing is all done by you, not me. This is one of many ways we get to know the truth of who we are, as we hand over our pain to a deeper part of ourselves that can digest it.

Each time we honour and release our emotions, especially the ones we've repressed over time, we come more and more into harmony with our truest most compassionate and loving Self, the part of us that does not fear, does not judge, the unconditional loving awareness at the core of our being.

I'm a practical guy, I believe that being human is the most spiritual path you can take.
Our heart's work is human work, it's messy, silly, complicated, confusing, hilarious, mysterious, chaotic and unique, the most spiritual path you can take is to play the role you came to play in this lifetime. Simple! 

It's not about transcending our humanity, or leaving the body, it's about clearing space for more of our Soul and more Love to come into the body and express through us, our ego becomes a willing participant in the game.

How I work
I work with Reiki energy throughout the whole session, it makes no difference where in the world you are.
Connecting with non-physical beings I channel guidance when it wants to come through.

We start off with a short guided meditation to bring us both into connection on a quantum level.
The session then flows intuitively, whatever wants to come up will be welcomed and moved through, whatever guidance wants to come through will be shared openly with compassion and kindness.

My intention is to help create clarity for you on your path, illuminating next steps, what needs letting go of, what wants to be invited in and how that all comes together in practical human action, inspired by love.
I sometimes work with soul cards to keep communication clear and simple, I find them to be very effective.

First session is a fixed price, then if it feel aligned to work together more I offer reduced price packages for those who aren't in a financial position to pay full price.

What can you expect from working with me?
The main goal for the work I do is to help people increase the quality of their human experience.
That means I offer not only guidance for where you are right now, but also practical codes and coaching for taking action to increase self-love, self-healing and connection to your intuition and inner master teacher.

All the answers you could ever need are already within you, it's my calling to guide you back into remembering this, to teach you how to trust your heart and how to recognise when you're in alignment with your higher self and where
 you're being invited to come back into harmony again.

Please fill the form below to express your interest in do a session with me, or send me a DM on Instagram.
Please share a few sentences about where you are in your journey and what you feel you would like support with.

I will get back to you as soon as humanly possible!

Peace and harmony 💙
Benjamin Brown

Thank you, I'll be in touch soon!
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