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Presence - Tune in and change your life
Presence - Tune in and change your life

Fri, 07 Jul


2 Week Online Zoom Workshop

Presence - Tune in and change your life

Two weeks, two sessions, online workshop. Where our attention goes, energy flows. By 'dropping into' the present moment and consciously directing our awareness, we can listen to the intelligence of our body, discern what's true, notice more beauty, tune into subtle energetics & experience more joy.

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Time & Location

07 Jul, 19:00 – 21:00 BST

2 Week Online Zoom Workshop

About the workshop

Tune into presence and change your life. It’s that simple.

How present are you?

To your experience of life? Right now.

What is presence?

Presence is the ability to sense and feel. To listen, and not just with our ears.

We can tune in and tune out of presence, we can deepen our awareness or we can check out from life.

Presence is a skill, it's the foundation of reclaiming agency over our body, mind, emotions and choices.

During the first session we will dive into:

• What presence is, what awareness is.

• How it impacts every single moment of our lives.

• How to cultivate more of it.

• The most important aspects of life that require your presence in order to grow.

• How this skill will benefit us and all those around us in ways we cannot even imagine.

There will be a Telegram group where this community can share insights and experiences.

I will be sharing optional 'awareness challenges', journaling prompts and links to inspiring podcasts.

I'll also share some practices for cultivating presence and answering some questions.

We'll be going on a journey together, it's going to a lot of fun! 😄

In the second session we will continue exploring more advanced ways of consciously working with our awareness to navigate life in new ways.

When we change the way we view the world, the world around us changes.

There will also be a Q&A in the second session.


Super Early Bird price - £33

Early Bird price - £44

Regular price - £55

A unique link will be send by email for each ticket purchased.

•• The first session is on Friday 7th July at 7pm London time ••

•• Second session on Friday 14th July at 7pm London time ••

Both session will be recorded and available to rewatch for 1 month from the 14th July.



  • Super Early Bird

    Just like a regular ticket but at a much lower price.

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  • Early Bird

    Just like a regular ticket but at a lower price.

    Sold Out
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Tune into presence and change your life. It’s that simple.


How present are you to your energy? To the energy in a room? Or a conversation?

How often are you tuned into your state of being, emotions, needs, desires? Your thoughts? Your state of mind?

Are you conscious of the way your physical body responds to the energy of your thoughts which creates you whole experience of life?


Are you truly present to your reality? To your Truth? Your beliefs, the lenses through which you see the world?

How intentional are your choices, your actions, your words? Have you noticed the impact they have?

How about the patterns in your life? The cycles we move through and the habits we choose?


What about beauty, the sounds of the birds in the trees, the calming effect of being in a forest?

The energy of the Sun, the cycles of the moon, the seasons and how they influence your life?


Are you aware of your connection to nature? To the beauty and magnificence of Mother Earth?

Are you conscious of the intimacy you share with food, water and the air you breath, all of which sustain your life?


Are you aware of the intimacy of each breath you take and how it all impacts your nervous system?

Are you present to gratitude, for your life, for the blessings around you? To the pain you might carry?

For all the miracles that come together for you to be experiencing this moment?


Presence, awareness, consciousness is everything.


Right now, in your journey, you are exactly where you're mean to be.

Even if you feel like you're not living your life the way you were meant to.


Can you be present to that or are you judging yourself, rejecting reality, wishing things were different?


We all have the ability to create the life we want, and it starts with... presence.


Luckily for us, it's in our nature to be aware, we are conscious beings.

Want to create positive change in your life? Tune into truth.


This two part online workshop is about becoming in tune with your nature and the true nature of reality.


It's about coming into alignment with your true nature.

It's about coming into alignment with your highest most joyful timeline and walking that path.

It's about tuning into your sense, so you can experience the fullness and beauty of LIFE.

To do that we need to be able to pay attention.


This workshops is designed to support you in improving the quality of your life through the power of your awareness.


Want to experience more joy? Tune into your nature.

Want to experience more success? Tune into your nature.

Want to experience more connection? Tune. In. To. Your. Nature.

Want to connect with your intuition? Yep, you guessed it, tune in.


How do we do that? By noticing what is in alignment with our true nature, and what is not.

Cultivate presence so you can notice and make choices informed by your awareness.

Let go of the distractions. Pay attention. Align with the life that is calling for you.


Only you can guide yourself onto a new timeline and into a new reality.


You have the ability to choose how you navigate your mind, emotions, desires, fears, dreams, intuition and relationships.

Everything in your life will benefit from more awareness. Everything and everyone.


Feel like life is passing you by? Tune in.

Feeling stuck? Out of control? Lost? Tune in.

There's a part of you that knows the way, this workshop will help you connect with that part of yourself.

You can trust that part of yourself, if you're reading this, maybe it guided you here.


Without strong presence, without tuning in, you'll forever be waiting to arrive.

Truth is; You've already arrived. Life is here and now, nowhere else, not in the future, it's all happening NOW.


How can you know where to go if you don't even know where you are in THIS present moment?


The road ahead is always unknown, and yet when we tune in we know which way to go.

This is the main skill that has changed my life the better.


Where your attention goes, energy flows.

The more you pay attention to something the more creative energy you give it.


There's a whole reality out there, outside of the limitations of the mind and it's constant chatter.


Are you here present to reality or are you in your head? 


I'm asking a lot of questions, questions are important because they plant seeds of discovery, increasing awareness.


The quality of the questions you ask determine the quality of your life.

So let's not sell ourselves short, let's ask ourselves excellent questions.


Are you fully present in this moment to receive all that this life has to offer?

Or are you distracted and checked out from life?


Most of us have grown up in a society that profits from our desire to avoid pain, and seek pleasure.

Are you present to this in your own life?


There are infinite distractions pulling us away from the present moment.

It doesn't have to be like this, we can choose how we perceive life.


Your consciousness is the most precious and powerful things you will ever have.


So what are you paying attention to?
Is is meaning full and life-giving or are you allowing it to be be drained?


There's so much beauty in this world and the journey of life has so much to offer you.


It's all happening right here and now, but without presence, awareness, the ability to notice it, life will pass you by.


My invitation is to not let life pass you by.


This life is a beautiful adventure, a mystery for us to explore, a school for us to grow and learn.

And we each have been gifted a wonderfully unique vantage point.


You're navigating the journey of a lifetime, it's what you came here for.


Most people end up numbing themselves so they don't have to feel the pain of watching their life slip away.

I've been there, it's literally hell on Earth, it's draining our life-force energy because it's not what we came here for.


There are many distractions that want you to feel like life is meaningless.
These distractions profit from your lack of awareness, it's not personal, it's just the world we live in.
AND it doesn't have to consume you.


Even if you choose not to do this workshop, please, do not get to the end of your life wishing you had spent less time scrolling Instagram, binge watching Netflix and numbing yourself from your truly remarkable SENSES that are feeding you information constantly.


Our senses receive so much information, it can be overwhelming, especially when we don't know how to navigate it all.
You can learn to enjoy it all, and not just survive your way through life.


It's become normal and socially acceptable to numb ourselves from LIFE and blame everyone else for our suffering.
Many of us are here to rewrite that story, and create our own reality.


We are energetic beings. We came here to learn how manipulate and work with energy.

How do we do that? First you have to tune into it.


Your body is the most intelligent remarkable piece of technology you could ever imagine.


Tune into your body, listen to it and you might find it's calling out for change, for something new.

Fine tune your senses and you'll be able to navigate life with TRUST and ease.


Tune in right now, ask yourself, are you feeling called to join this workshop?


All my Love

Ben 🌍

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