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Print Room Testing Inspiration

What's good familia!

Yesterday I spent several hours in a print room testing colour and image quality with Orms Printing here in Cape Town, exciting stuff! The art pictured in these photos are just small test prints, I will shoot and share images of the finished products soon.

The process of producing printed images of my art has really helped me feel more like an artist, I mean I know I'm an artist, but I've found myself being caught up in the 'content creator/influencer' vibe for so long I had forgotten why I even picked up a camera in the first place.

When chasing likes, algorithms and external internet validation it's easy to disregard any original intentions behind capturing light with a camera; to celebrate and share the beauty of life.

To say that I'm feeling inspired to shoot and creatively express myself is an understatement, I am full of enthusiasm to witness more light, more life, to capture and create with these divine frequencies, this sacred information, to express myself in unique ways that are yet to even be revealed.

LET'S GET CREATIVE! Creativity is of course feminine energy, it's chaotic, it's messy, it's flow and it's the full spectrum of the expression of LIFE, and I feel it flowing through more the more I open myself to it. Of course this feminine creative flow needs some masculine structure in place in order to channel and direct it into some kind of finished piece to share, which is where the work comes in, to do test prints, build websites and actually go find the extra magical and rare moments of light that mother nature is constantly expressing.

Many ideas are being received as my perception of what is possible broadens. However, it is typical of me to speak about them and not actually manifest them, so I will be doing less talking about these idea until they actually materialise!

The paper I've chosen to print on (100% cotton Professional Archive Quality Hahnemuhle Paper Photo Rag, Matt) could not be more perfect for these images, the colours are so vivid and have a pastel vibe on the matt finish.

Today I also discovered that it's more than possible to print my photos at a larger size, so I'm now offering A2 prints of all my work, I think bigger is often better when it comes to art prints, so I'm super excited to see them larger on people’s walls!

All the limited edition prints will remain limited to their numbers in each size, for example an edition of 10 in A3 & a edition of 10 in A2. This may expand to A1 with another 10 taking the total up to 30. In the future I may offer much more limited editions of just one size. I will own one artist proof of each image in each size.

Orms Print Room produce the highest quality imagery possible, archive grade inks and papers, all professionally handled and packaged for international shipping. It makes me very happy to know these art prints will stand the test of time. Thank you Orms for helping make this process such a joy, setting the bar high for printing!

I also discovered that my mandala art can be printed much bigger than expected without losing any image quality at all, so I've added a large 700x700mm size option to the shop here!

Thank you to everyone who has bought some of my art, I Love you!

In gratitude,


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