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New Website New Chapter!

Hello beautiful soul, I'm so happy you've found yourself here sussing out my new website, of all the infinite things you could focus your impossibly valuable attention towards, you chose this.

Allow me to send you some love and gratitude, right now... I Love you, I appreciate you and I'm sending you abundant good fortune through this blog post, may you become unusually aware of all the ways the universe is conspiring in your favour today.

Anyways, holy shit wow look at this fancy new vibe, welcome to the new website! It's been a long time in the making, and I could not be happier to once again have a basecamp of my own, an axis from which I can pivot and exhibit myself with no shame, algorithms, censorship, AI overlords or peskey digi-trolls governing how or what I choose to share in this sacred space of mine.

With all my dragon chasing over the last year or three I've come to realise the need to root down a bit and tether myself to things that align with my purpose. This website was one of those goals that has helped wrangle and guide me into consistent intentional progress, motivated by stability and accountability, it serves to ground me into this 3D realm (despite my ongoing attempts to escape into the ether).

So this little nook of cyberspace is almost a digital sanctuary for me, a project of sorts to enable communication with vision, direction and purpose. My intention is to express myself through writing, photography, film, podcasts and more.

The new shop is also a big aspect of this new chapter, to offer my art in physical print and allow others to support me and my mission directly, to become financially sovereign and not have to play any games of popularity to put food on my table.

As I gradually let go of resisting my path and allow the unfolding of life to take place, I ask myself; where do I go from here? Who will I be? What will I do? But even if I could know, would I want to ruin the surprise for myself? Nope :)

Who knows what life has in store for us, but I have discovered that quite often when expressing myself authentically, creating art or share from from the truth in my heart, I find myself connected to something I cannot explain with words. I feel like I am filled with the eternal energy of Love, of Source, of Spirit as the whole universe courses through me in a few moments, annihilating any doubt or fear or confusion. I am reminded why I signed up for this temporary human experience, and the entire paradoxical nutty chaos of life is suspended in perfect peaceful harmony, beyond time and space. That shit feels good.

Thank you for all your support, from the sharing of my free content, to blessing me with a print or apparel purchase, I love you simply for being here with me on this journey!

Unconditional Love to you.

May all beings find peace.

In deep gratitude,

Benjamin x

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