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The Higher-Self Confidence Course

'A course to help you know yourself, transform your human experience and master your

Higher-Self confidence so you can create the Love and Life you deserve.' Let's talk about Self Confidence. I've been obsessing over this topic for years now with the aim of understanding my own experiences with success, failure, courage, doubt and fear. How TF did I have the self-belief to; • Win the kayaking world championships (a 15 year goal). • Shift from professional sport to professional film-making. • Teach myself to shoot, edit, vlog, grow a YT channel. • Vlog in public with millions of people watching me online. • Go after my hearts desire of living in Cape Town. • Get judged hard by jealous strangers on the internet! In many ways I was doing so well. In many ways I was also suffering from intense perfectionism; nothing I did was ever good enough, I could never rest. Then, one fine day, boom! My whole life was turned upside down! Catastrophic endings, one after the other. Health challenges both physical and psychological.

Daily panic attacks. Hell on Earth. I wanted out. I had entered a deep cycle of death, rebirth. My healing journey was jump started by incredible suffering. This was the first time in my life I had really felt pain and loss.

AND it was the first time I really began to doubt myself. I was completely out of control of my life. Dissolution of my ego, my power and every ounce of confidence I had cultivated through my previous successes, it's like they never happened. Depression, self-hatred, confusion, suffering. And it was all needed. What a blessing! I wouldn't change a thing, even if I could. I'm still going through huge changes and transformations. It never really ends. It's taken me years to build my self-belief and confidence back up.

And there's one big difference; I know who I am now.

(more importantly, I know who I am not) It took suffering to crack me open, so I could learn to receive Love. It took facing my deepest fears, to know my truest strengths. It took really meeting my darkness, to learn to Love all parts of myself. My ego needed humbling and life delivered the pie! I've since come to understand that the ego operates out of self-interest, and it's self-confidence is fragile. The ego seeks approval, accolades and validation at all costs in order to be seen as “right”. I had no f*cking idea what an ego even was! In the hell of depression, daily panic attacks and wanting to take my life, my kayaking and youtube accolades didn't mean shit, and because I was so identified with my ego, my sense of self no longer meant shit either. A total lack of self-worth. Little did I know I was planting seeds of change in the darkness. I was sending prayers and requests to the universe for peace, healing and change. And now here I am, watching those seed grow, feeling deep peace, contentment and Love for myself. Now I must really have the courage to water and nurture these dreams with my own increasingly available inner resources of Love and encouragement. As always, the doubts and fears come to play whenever I'm thinking about or doing something that is important to me, my ego will always try to to avoid change and growth. But, here's the golden life lesson I want to share: The doubts and fears never go anywhere. We simply learn to LOVE ourselves enough to courageously;

do what is needs to be done,

say what needs to be said, and Love what needs to be loved. Self confidence isn't the absence of doubt, anxiety, insecurities or ego. Self confidence is the presence of our Higher-Self guiding us with loving encouragement to be brave and take a leap into the unknown, to dive into experiences that trigger growth within us. This is why our higher-self keeps calling us to be more, it calls us into uncomfortable situations that require us to expand and become more of who we are. That is why we are here on Earth; to grow and evolve and remember who we truly are.

'Who am I to go after my wildest dreams?' - Ego. 'This is what you came here for, I've got you.' - Higher-Self.

'I'm not good enough, I don't deserve Love.' - Ego 'You ARE Love, keep growing, keep going.' - Higher-Self The audacity to actually go all in on your hearts desires. The audacity to fail spectacularly and receive the gifts of wisdom. The audacity to even ask you heart what it truly desires! The audacity to enjoy being a messy imperfect human! It takes mountains of courage. Over and over again. "Believe in yourself!" - People Great advice if you need some extra confidence to try something new, or to get back up when life humbles you, sometimes we need encouragement to keep moving forward with the new wisdom we've acquired. But what does 'Believe in yourself' mean? Who is this 'Self' that I need to believe in? And why do I doubt myself in the first place? Where does doubt come from? - The mind, the ego. Insecurity says - Am I good enough? What if I get rejected? Uncertainty reminds us of the reality that we cannot accurately predict the future. As soon as we begin to even think about doing something that is important to our growth,

anxiety kicks in and the ego reminds us of how painful all our previous failures have been. It's normal to doubt our ability to handle certain situations. It's natural to want to avoid difficult conversations. It's hard to set boundaries, especially if we are new to it. It's scary to say what we need to a partner, or even ourselves. And nothing takes more courage than taking action towards realising a dream. It's even scary to think about having a better life than the one we have now... Doubts and fears kill more dreams than failure ever will. In fact, failure is part of the process, it's how we learn and gain wisdom through experience. The Higher-Self Confidence Course 'A course to help you know yourself, transform your human experience and master your

Higher-Self confidence so you can create the Love and Life you deserve.'

With all I've learnt in this topic, and knowing how profoundly it's changed my life for the better, I have created a 3 week course called 'Higher-Self Confidence. There will be 3 live zoom calls with me, one a week for 3 weeks, starting Saturday 26th November 5pm UK time. We'll be diving deep into; • Understanding the human experience

• The mind, the ego and the power of our thoughts. • Self-Awareness • Self-Love to build Self-Trust

• Emotional intelligence • Mood mastery; regulating emotions • Connecting to our inner resources of Love • Practices to strengthen connection to Higher-Self • Practices for opening to the magic of life • Understanding the journey of remembering who we are

• and so much more! There will be a private telegram group for this container, with daily check ins, sharing relevant podcast and videos, supporting each other on this journey, and opportunities for Q&As. The calls will be 2-3 hours including Q&A at the end, they will be recorded and available to rewatch so everyone can focus on being present instead of frantically taking notes! I'm limiting this container to 10 people, spaces are filling up already, if you feel called to join me on this journey please fill out this form here asking for more information and I'll get right back to you with more information about the price of enrolment and to answer any questions you might have. You're also welcome to book a 1:1 guidance call (paid) with me to drop in, connect for an hour and see if this course is suitable for you, simply request a 1:1 when you fill out this contact form. It is possible to transform you whole human experience to include more love, more peace and more confidence and I'm so excited to go on this journey with 10 of you! Peace and Harmony Ben ♥️

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